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Development Studies Association Conference: Call for Papers' Panel 42: Forced Migration and Protection in Uncertain World


Development Studies Association Conference, University of Bradford, 6-8th September 2017. Call for Papers
, Panel 42: Forced Migration and Protection in Uncertain World.


Behrooz Morvaridi (University of Bradford) email:

UlaÅŸ Sunata (BahçeÅŸehir University) email:

Short Abstract

The panel welcomes conceptual and policy papers relating to the narratives of the most vulnerable displaced people, including women, children and young female refugees who have lost their livelihoods and supporting networks and who live in uncertainty in urban areas and refugee camps.

Long Abstract

Despite the unquestionable significance of current patterns of forced migration, the impact of the policy context has remained surprisingly understudied. The current forced migration discourse around national and global security has effectively reconstructed notions of forced migrants and the commitment of some states to protect their rights. Increasingly restrictive refugee policies in Europe, as part of the ‘war’ against ‘terrorism’ and ‘political Islam’, have made it harder for displaced people to seek asylum. The shift in the refugee discourse, from one of ‘burden sharing’ to ‘state security threat/protectionism’, is reflected in policies of containment in many countries, several of which aspire to be ‘non-entree regimes’. Political discussion focuses primarily on two issues: how migration impinges on local lives and the extent to which injustices experienced by forced migrants suggest an institutional denial of their basic human rights. Analysis of the policy impact of forced migration is, however, both limited and poorly theorised.

This panel aims to provide a forum to discuss theoretical and policy questions about how we think about forced displacement, resettlement and refugee protection and a forum to consider the merits of ideas that incorporate the possibility of transforming pre-existing development issues through displacement policy. It considers whether the adoption of policy measures such as social protection, as a strategy for displacement and resettlement, would provide a longer-term response to the risks and impoverishment associated with forced migration than current humanitarian assistance approaches.

The deadline for submissions is 26th April. All proposals must be made via the online form here:

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