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CPES strengthens capabilities in pharmaceutical applications of Hot Melt Extrusion


The Xplore Instruments PME 5 micro extruder has recently been installed in facilities at the University of Bradford. This easy to operate twin-screw micro extruder allows easy development of new HME formulations by reducing extruder volumes to a minimum allowing rapid screening for pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D applications.

Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) is becoming accepted in the pharmaceutical industry because it formulates insoluble compounds into successful drug/polymer systems with much improved bioavailability. Until now it was difficult to develop new HME formulations cost-efficiently in early stage developments because of too large extruder volumes. The PME 5 is a small volume, tabletop, twin-screw micro extruder that is very reliable, reproducible, flexible, fast and easy to operate and cost-effective with a minimum extruder volume of 2 ml and maximum volume of 5 ml. It meets the demanding GMP compliant screening requirements of pharmaceutical and biomedical R&D applications.

The relationship between the University and Xplore goes back many years so, when the requirement arose to be able to screen small high cost materials, particularly in the healthcare industries or within companies needing a high quality, consistent, technical product, the University looked to Xplore for the solution.

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