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Bradford's Theatre in the Mill secures nearly £0.5m National Portfolio funding


Theatre in the Mill, based at the University of Bradford, has been awarded £480,684 National Portfolio funding from Arts Council England (ACE).

This funding, which runs over four years and represents a threefold increase from ACE, ensures that Theatre in the Mill can develop deeper and longer lasting relationships between regional, national and international artists and the communities that surround the venue. It also allows the building to open longer and broaden the offer to both the university community and the wider region. Ultimately it extends the reach and ambition of a building already punching above its weight.

The announcement comes at a time of new leadership as recently appointed Richard Warburton (pictured) takes over as Artistic Director in August 2017.

Departing Artistic Director, Iain Bloomfield, has been working at the University since 2003 when he was appointed Fellow in Theatre. He then went on to become Artistic Director in 2006 and Head of Arts in May 2008.

Iain has made a huge contribution to the University during his time here, leading the Arts on Campus, ensuring that students, staff and the wider community are exposed to new and meaningful cultural experiences both on and off campus.

Iain will be leaving to deepen and develop his contribution to artist development and to run his own performance company, Two Tonne.

Iain said: “In my time here I have tried to focus on how and why theatre is made and for whom - the stories we tell and who gets to tell them form a significant part of the narrative of this nation. To represent and reflect upon the lived experiences of those who surround us has always been, to my mind, the purpose of theatre. That we have been able to do so working alongside ground breaking artists and that their work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people over the years has been a joyful experience.”

Replacing Iain will be Richard Warburton. Richard, a co-founder and lead artist with Invisible Flock, is thrilled to be appointed at what is a very exciting time in the theatre’s development.

He said “I can’t wait to welcome people into this bold and visionary building and build on its reputation as a space that nurtures and supports artists to create innovative work that reflects the world we live in.”

Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs, said: “I look forward to working with Richard as he continues the fantastic legacy that Iain has left behind. His appointment supports and enhances the University strategy and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for the Arts on Campus.”

Theatre in the Mill, which is one of the most important small scale venues in the North of England, offers support and opportunities for innovative artists to make new work, investigate that within a social context and connect it to the wider world.