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University of Bradford awards five more 50th Anniversary Scholarships


The University of Bradford has received a generous donation of £50k from the Emerald Foundation to fund five full-fee MSc scholarships to be offered to high-achieving graduates, providing support and encouragement to progress into postgraduate study at the University's School of Management.

In early 2016, the University of Bradford launched a 50th Anniversary Appeal to raise funds for UK-based foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for those most in need to access Higher Education. Seven scholarships have now been awarded since the launch of the Appeal.

The Emerald Foundation is the charitable arm of Emerald Group Publishing Limited (EGPL), a scholarly publisher of academic journals and books with a portfolio of more than 290 journals and over 2650 books and book series volumes.

Dr Keith Howard, an alumnus of the University and Chairman of the Emerald Foundation, believes the highest rewards are found when people are encouraged to unlock their intrinsic ability, saying: “It’s all about ‘intellectual return”.

Keith has a long history with the University of Bradford. For five years, he directed the largest and most successful doctoral programme in Western Europe, completing numerous publications in the field of research and management science while at Bradford: “As the owner of Emerald Group Publishing Limited, I realised that the Company and the University would both be celebrating their 50th anniversary in the same year, and so felt this was the perfect opportunity to help others achieve their goals; and I therefore was inspired to make the £50k donation.”

All five scholarship students are now on their way to brighter careers, with their postgraduate study well underway. Yusuf Mohammad Ali, MSc in International Business and Management, explained how the scholarship has impacted him: “Being awarded the scholarship has accelerated my career path to becoming a social economist – I can see how technology has impacted on communities and future growth trends.”

Elena Kremasta, MSc in Strategic Marketing, said: “Having previously studied Psychology, I have an interest in human behaviour and, naturally, when combined with a passion for marketing, this translates to an interest in consumer behaviour. This was my main drive, to pursue a Masters in Strategic Marketing at the School of Management. The Emerald Scholarship has provided me with a platform to do this. I will now have the education and foundation to pursue my aspirations and future ambition of studying for a PhD.”

Photo shows Chairman of the Emerald Foundation, Dr Keith Howard, at the University meeting students who have been awarded scholarships.

The scholarships donation follows the awarding of the first 50th anniversary scholarships awarded to undergraduate students in August.

Professor Rae Earnshaw kick-started the Appeal earlier this year and was back on the University campus last week to meet one of the scholarship beneficiaries, Jack Purrington. Professor Earnshaw said: “Having received so much from the educational system in the UK at undergraduate and postgraduate levels through the acquisition of knowledge and experience, I was strongly motivated to contribute to supporting the current generation of students with outstanding academic ability to receive similar benefits by undertaking study at a world-leading technology university.”

Jack graduated from the University of Bournemouth with a BSc (Hons) in Sport Psychology and Coaching Sciences and is now enrolled on an MSc Psychology conversion course at the University of Bradford. Jack is looking to pursue a career in Health Psychology. Being awarded the Scholarship has paved the way for Jack to fulfil his ambition which would not otherwise have been possible due to difficult personal circumstances.

Rae Earnshaw with Jack Purrington Jack expressed his appreciation for the opportunity Professor Earnshaw has provided: “Without this generous financial help, I would be a million miles away from following my passion in psychology and fulfilling my future goals of becoming a psychologist and helping those in need. Professor Earnshaw’s selfless actions have made me realise the type of world we should seek to act and interact in. I know if I am ever in a position in the future where I can provide something for those in need, no matter how big or small, I won't think twice after seeing the positive impact it has had on my life."

Photo shows Professor Rae Earnshaw at the University meeting with scholarship recipient Jack Purrington.

The 50th Scholarships Appeal will continue into 2017 with the aim of helping more students struggling financially to fulfil their ambitions.

To support the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal you can make a donation via the Bradford Connect Portal.

Alternatively to discuss how you can give to the 50 Scholarships Appeal contact the Development Team on +44 (0)1274 235179 or