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Social Sciences graduate Dr Toby Feakin appointed as Australia's inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs


Social Science graduate Dr Toby Feakin (BSc Security Studies 1998 and a PhD in International Politics and Security Studies 2005), has been appointed as Australia's inaugural Ambassador for Cyber Affairs.

The Ambassador will support cyber capacity building in our region, advocate against state censorship of the Internet and promote Australia’s view that opportunities provided by the Internet should be available to all people.

Dr Feakin was a member of the Independent Panel of Experts that supported the Australian Cyber Security Review to produce Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy. He has been the Director of National Security Programs at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute since 2012 and established the Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre.

He has also held a number of research and advisory positions, including with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, the Oxford University Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, the Global Commission on Internet Governance and the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace.

Dr Feakin holds an Honours Degree in Security Studies and a Doctorate of Philosophy in International Politics and Security Studies, both from the University of Bradford. He is expected to take up the appointment in January 2017.

See more information and a video of two of Australia's MPs discussing his appointment.