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Professor Rae Earnshaw kick-starts the University of Bradford's '50 Scholarships for 50th Year Appeal'


Professor Rae Earnshaw has kick-started the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal by donating two postgraduate scholarships for home students with outstanding ability, named as the 'Professor Rae Earnshaw 50th Anniversary Scholarships'.

The University of Bradford has recently launched an Appeal to secure funding for 50 scholarships in its 50th year enabling access to Higher Education for those most in need.

Professor Rae Earnshaw commented “Having received so much from the educational system in the UK at undergraduate and postgraduate levels through the acquisition of knowledge and experience, I was strongly motivated to contribute to supporting the current generation of students with outstanding academic ability to receive similar benefits by undertaking study at a world-leading technology University.”

Rae Earnshaw was appointed Professor of Electronic Imaging and Head of Department at the University of Bradford in 1995. He gained his PhD at the University of Leeds and is a chartered engineer and chartered information technology professional. He served as Dean of the School of Informatics between 1999 and 2007, and as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Systems Development) between 2004 and 2009.

For Professor Earnshaw education has been a great liberator and energiser. Being able to stand on the shoulders of giants who had gone before him and learning about their contributions to knowledge enabled him to see further into the future. Through the qualifications and experience he gained in the UK, he received invitations to a number of Visiting Professorships at universities in the USA and China and was able to share knowledge and experience with a wide variety of faculty and students.

Having benefitted at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels, Professor Earnshaw wishes to give back and help other students achieve their aspirations.

“I was inspired to help support the 50th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal through an appreciation of all that the University of Bradford has done for me in supporting my career as a Professor and a Manager.’

The 50th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal will enable the creation of a 50th Fund which will be dispersed fairly and equitably to outstanding home students studying any subject at the University at foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate levels. The three criteria for awarding the scholarships are based on: academic excellence, those with the best potential to succeed, and financial need.

The fund has been endorsed by the University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Brian Cantor, who said:

"The greatest gift a student can receive is a scholarship. The 50th Anniversary Scholarship Appeal promotes the University of Bradford’s ethos to encourage students from a diverse range of backgrounds to enter into higher education and in doing so equip them to become our future leaders."

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