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Bradford scientists at forefront of 5G development


University of Bradford scientists have secured major funding as part of a Europe-wide consortium to train researchers to deliver the next generation of mobile communications.

The team, from the , will share part of a grant of 3.3 million euros over the four-year project to drive forward the development of 5G networks.

Bradford’s specific role in the project will be to work with early-years researchers on solutions to the need for high capacity, high-speed flexible networks that are as energy-efficient as possible.

The team is being led by Professor Raed Abd-Alhameed and includes Dr James Noras, Dr Stephen Jones and Professor Rami Qahwaji.

Professor Abd-Alhameed said: “Mobile traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate along with ever-higher data demands and 4G is struggling to handle this. 5G will be able to cope with millions more users, hugely increased capacity and much higher speeds.

“However, we need a solution that delivers more data for less energy use, with smaller cells, probably located within buildings, replacing mobile masts. This will be the focus for our team and our researchers. We will also be exchanging research staff with our partners, providing multi-disciplinary education and training and preparing the 5G workforce of tomorrow.

“This is an extremely exciting project that will not only move forward our ability to innovate in the 5G sector but will also underpin the development of the internet of things, with machine being able to talk to machine.”

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