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Bradford School of Management links up with prestigious French university to offer joint PhD


A professor of Human Resource Management and Organisation Studies has praised the link up of the University of Bradford with a prestigious French higher education institution.

Professor Nelarine Cornelius, who lectures at Bradford School of Management, has help forged links with Paris West University Nanterre La Défense so that PhD students can get a jointly awarded doctorate.

Prof Cornelius, pictured, said: “The University is moving towards having jointly awarded PhDs from two institutions. It’s something higher quality universities are doing.

“As a well-regarded management school it can help us to develop strong links with other good universities, such as Paris Nanterre.

“The partnership gives students from each university the opportunity to review each other’s work, which is great preparation for national and international conferences and presentations.

“It’s very beneficial for doctoral students to get this opportunity. It’s very useful for them to develop their presenting skills.”

She added: “It’s all about helping students to develop their doctoral research.”

Prof Cornelius added that one possibility for PhD students is for them to spend one year studying in Bradford and one year in Paris.

The link between the two universities was established after Eric Pezet, of University Nanterre, took up a visiting professorship at Bradford School of Management.

Prof Pezet and Prof Cornelius together founded the international research group, Paris Research in Norms, Management and Law (PRIMAL).

The gives people the skills to be an independent researcher and opportunities to pursue a career in academia, a research institution or management consultancy.

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