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A positive legacy of the Bradford City Fire


To mark the 30th Anniversary of the Bradford City FC fire, the University of Bradford is hosting a talk on the legacy of the fire and the research that has emerged from the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit.

Members of the public are invited to attend the talk on Wednesday 9 March, where they will meet the unit’s clinical and scientific researchers as they reflect upon their work and on the successful fundraising and commemorative activities for this landmark anniversary.

Special guest at the event is Mr Matthew Wildman, who was the last surviving person to be pulled out of the fire thirty years ago, Matthew will give an insight into the events of that day and why the work of the unit is so important.

Mr Wildman said: “I was one of the first to benefit from the advancements made by Professor Sharpe and his team in 1985. I was so badly burned that without some imaginative and experimental work, I would not have survived.

“It is wonderful to see the research at Bradford continuing into a fourth decade and providing relief to thousands of people around the world.”

The panel will include Mr Ajay L Mahajan, Director of Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit, Mr Alan Carling - Bradford City Supporters Trust and Professor Des Tobin, Director of Centre for Skin Sciences along with other University of Bradford colleagues.

Mr Mahajan said: “This is an opportunity to reflect on the research that has come out of the PSBRU and the fantastic fundraising activities that have taken place over the last 12 months.

“I encourage everyone to come along to the evening to hear why everyone’s fundraising efforts are so important and so that we at the unit have the opportunity to thank the community for all their support.”

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