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Water saving competition taps into expertise from University of Bradford


Two University of Bradford teams are flushed with success after a competition to find ways of reducing water consumption in Yorkshire.

The student teams, from the University’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, entered the Water Challenge Data Dive, organised by Yorkshire Water and Open Data Institute Leeds.

The competition was a two-day challenge to take newly-released data and create new ways to use the data to save water consumption, looking at flow and use of water, including metering. The use of water is directly linked to how much energy is used and how we build sustainably for the future. Using less water should mean saving money as well as a more sustainable use of resources.

Led by Dr Yang Lan (from the ) the teams took the top prize and runners-up spot for their solutions: a mobile application called Yorkshire Water Saver, and a web and mobile application called Eau.

Dr Lan said: “This was a great achievement because we were the only student teams competing against teams made up of professionals. It was a great endorsement for the skills and abilities of our students and the quality of teaching at the University of Bradford.”

The team members were Robert Norvill (University of Bradford Pi Soc), David Vann (University of Bradford Pi Soc), Kilian Boulhais (intern from ENSEEIHT), Daniel Harper (Curve Agency Ltd, Leeds), Alvin Boucheraa (intern from ENSEEIHT), Kevin Eccli (intern from ENSEEIHT), Anthony Marco (intern from ENSEEIHT), Marianne Bioy (intern from ENSEEIHT).

Pictured (l-r) are: Kilian Boulhais, Robert Norvill, David Vann, Daniel Harper, Yang Lan.

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