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Sierra Leone Police delegation visit University of Bradford


A Sierra Leone Police delegation (SILEA) visited the Faculty of Social Sciences last week to explore the feasibility of capacity building support for the new Sierra Leone International Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA). SILEA is a donor-funded project supported by the Government of Sierra Leone. SILEA is developed as the first regional international law enforcement academy in West Africa.

The aim of the visit was to consult with University of Bradford through JEFCAS/Peace Studies, as a leading academic institution that has long standing collaboration with the Sierra Leone Police. This historical collaboration was a result of the contacts made by DFID following the war in Sierra Leone. At the time, the DFID Secretary of State, Chair Short, on the advice on the President of Sierra Leone Ahmad Tejan Kabba, contacted Peace Studies requesting for capacity building support for key institutions in Sierra Leone for Education for Peace. Through DFID funding, the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police became the mentor for the Inspector General of Police in Sierra Leone

The aim of the visit was thus to rebuild the strategic collaboration and partnership that previously existed.

The visit consisted of Inspector General – Mr. Francis Alieu Munu who was appointed to his post on Friday 20th August 2010. Mr. Francis Munu contributed immensely to the post war stability of Sierra Leone by leading the Community Arms Collection and Destruction Exercise. He had also contributed to the restoration of civil authority throughout Sierra Leone and in the Security Sector Reform Process and Policy Formulation.

He was accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Yamba Bangura – an academic and the Principal of Sierra Leone Civil Service Training College who is a consultant in Training, Education and Development. M.Y.Bangura holds a Doctorate degree in Management, Executive Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Development studies, B.Sc Honours in Sociology, Diploma in Higher English and a Teachers Certificate. Also accompanying the IG was Mr. Titus Boye Thompson the Sierra Leone Police Media Consultant.

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