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New Equipment and Capabilities


New Equipment and Capabilities strengthens Pharmaceutical Formulation Development expertise at CPES.

‌The Centre has recently purchased a number of state of the art formulation processing and analytical instruments to increase its capabilities in Pharmaceutical Formulation Research and Development, including a new freeze dryer, high shear granulator, Surface Energy Analyser and a Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyser.

The centre has purchased a new laboratory scale bench-top Freeze dryer (Virtis “Advantage Pro” with intellitronics) and a new bench-top granulator (High Shear Mixer GMX-Lab Micro with 1L and 4L capacity, Freund Vector) to enhance its range of Enabling Process Technologies.

iGC Surface Analyser (SMS)

In addition, the centre has purchased an iGC Surface Energy Analyser including film surface analysis options (SMS) and a Dynamic Vapour Sorption Analyser (SMS Intrinsic) to boost the capabilities in Solid State Analytics at CPES.

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