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Discover the world with our NEW International Study Year


We are excited to announce the launch of our International Study Year, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our undergraduate students to live and study abroad for a year.

International study year Anyone who has studied in a foreign country will tell you that it was a defining moment in their life. As well as immersing themselves in a new learning environment, it’s a chance for students to broaden their academic and personal horizons, explore new cultures and develop new perspectives on their subject of study. It’s also an opportunity to experience different cultures and lifestyles, acquire inter-cultural communication skills and a wider knowledge of the world.

“Our semester of study abroad has received so much positive feedback from our students over the years” explains Margaret Alipoor, Director of Studies for Undergraduate Programmes. “It is their feedback and enthusiasm that has driven us to establish the new International Study Year and we hope that as many students as possible take full advantage of this incredible opportunity”.

Charlene Otieno, a Medical Engineering student at the University of Bradford who took part in a year-long Erasmus work placement at Hochschule Ulm in Germany, said: “This opportunity has given me the courage to go out and explore what the world has to offer. Whether it is to Spain or Finland or even Germany, I urge students to chase, explore and learn. You never know what you might collide with, expecting the unexpected is the best part of the experience.”

This truly memorable experience will help to increase confidence and independence, and this valued real-world experience will help set these students apart in an increasingly competitive job market. It will show potential employers flexibility and the determination to take on a challenge.

Programmes for studying abroad include:

  • Erasmus Exchange Programme
  • Worldwide Exchange Programme
  • International Student Exchange Programme
  • Short programmes (such as Erasmus Work Placements and Summer Programmes)

For more information please visit the or contact us by email at

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