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Cybersecurity futures: the ultimate human-technology challenge?


This Lecture, the first of the Cantor Technology Lecture Series, explored what cybersecurity is and why it matters to society and humanity more broadly. It gave an overview of cyber-attacks, who conducts them, the harm resulting and current approaches to prevention, detection and response. It also talked about the future of cybersecurity, challenges and resources needed to keep pace and address them.

The lecture was delivered by Professor Sadie Creese, a world leading expert on this subject, from the University of Oxford.

The Cantor Technology Lecture Series seeks to provide a forum for academics, students, experts in their fields and the public to discuss areas of work of the University and their relation to society.

As a leading technology university, the University of Bradford has a duty to use its strengths to maximum value for society and strives to do this through its research and application of knowledge.

Watch the full lecture here.

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