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CVC at Cyberworlds 2015


Members and students of the CVC will be presenting at Cyberworlds 2015 taking place in Gotland, Sweden, October 7-9th 2015.

Prof. Rae Earnshaw is invited to talk at Cyberworlds 2015 which is titled 'Ten Unsolved Problems with the Internet of Things'.

Alongside Prof. Earnshaw, Prof. Hassan Ugail will be presenting a collaborative work with Lei Liu, Yun Sheng and Guixu Zhang, titled 'Graph cut based mesh segmentation using feature points and geodesic distance'.

Zahra Sayed, PhD student at CVC, will also be presenting her recent research in 3D modelling of Islamic Geometric Motifs titled 'Parameterized Shape Grammar for Generating n-fold Islamic Geometric Motifs', which is supervised by Prof. Hassan Ugail, Dr.Carlton Reeve and Dr. Jon Purdy (University of Hull).

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