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Police and Penal Services


The School Learning and Teaching Fund has funded recent work with ACJS Level 2 students. Each group taking part in the project received three lectures, three seminars and three visits. The visits were to Bradford central police station, the court and Armley prison. The seminars were on punishment, professional offender management and policing diversity- hate crime

The level 2 module, Police and Penal Services has had a major overhaul this year. Students are now guaranteed the opportunity to visit a prison, a police station and to spend an afternoon at the City Court. The visits offer a chance to meet and discuss issues with probation, police and prison personnel.

University based teaching is offered by a serving police officer and by a member of the probation services, so students can supplement their academic learning with up to date policy issues and understanding practice. Lecturers also offer small group seminars to explore particular issues. This year, seminars have looked at what appropriate punishment means, have explored issues around professional service and privatisation and are currently looking at ways in which hate crime is policed in a diverse society.

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