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Photo of Bright Building from May 2023

Postgraduate Research Conference

15 April - 16 April 2024

In April 2024 the Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences will be delivering the 4th iteration of the Postgraduate Research Conference.

The PGR Conference aims to provide a platform for all of our current Postgraduate Researchers and Supervisors to share their ongoing research within a network of their peers including current academic staff across the Faculty and a wider PGR Alumni network. Over the 2 days we will be running a number of sessions including speeches, presentations, and poster displays which provide a platform for our researchers to promote their research.

We welcome submissions from all doctoral researchers to engage in discussions relating to a range of theoretical and methodological issues with the aim of enhancing their overall research, gaining valuable transferable research skills and being hosted in a safe, welcoming environment. Papers will be presented in parallel sessions across both days of the conference as we host a number of influential academics to deliver keynote lectures during the conference.

All postgraduate students are welcome to join the conference from the Faculty and wider University. We will also be welcoming guests from international partner institutions. The event will be host to key networking opportunities, skill building sessions and the chance to explore research from a broader perspective across multiple fields.


The 2023 conference we will held in a hybrid fashion, giving guests the chance to attend through a range of means with sessions taking place both on the University of Bradford Campus and online. Throughout the two days we will be running parallel sessions giving you the opportunity to attend sessions covering a range of research topics and fields providing you with insight across a broad focus.

Over the two days the conference will invite and encourage attendees to engage in a number of ways. Poster presentations will give you brief insight into research topics whilst more in-depth keynote lectures will allow you to delve into your topics of interest. Academics and students will be presenting their work and research across the conference.

There will be four types of presentation formats which will showcase research at the conference;

  • Submit an 500-word Extended Abstract to give a 10-minute presentation with 5-minutes for Q&A
  • Submit a 1,500-word Research Proposal to give a 10-minute presentation with 5-minutes for Q&A
  • Submit a 2,500-word Developmental or Working Paper to give a 15-minute presentation with 5-minutes for Q&A
  • Social Science students can also submit a Poster Presentation to discuss during poster sessions of at least A2 size

Paper Submission Guidelines

If you have any queries relating to the conference please contact:

The deadline has now passed for paper submissions.

Please complete the below Microsoft Form to register your interest in attending the 2024 Doctoral Research Conference.

We ask you to submit an abstract of no more than 500 words.

The abstract should outline the background to the research, aims of your study, theoretical background, proposed methodology, main findings (or expected findings for research based on projects at developmental stage), contributions (or potential) to knowledge and practice before concluding with discussion points.

At the conference you will be asked to delivery a 15-minute session comprised of a 10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A session.

We ask you to submit a research proposal of no more than 1500 words.

The research proposal should outline key literature in the area, the gap in the research and how your study aims to further the research. You'll cover the novelty of your research and questions, hypotheses, proposed methodology, expected findings and points for discussion.

At the conference you will be asked to deliver a 15-minute session comprised of a 10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A.

We ask you to submit a developmental or working paper of no more than 2,500 words.

The paper should provide a strong rationale and background to your study including the motivation for the research. You'll explain the gap in the research and how you aim to further the field by highlighting the novelty of your work. Throughout the paper you'll provide details on aims and hypotheses, methodology used with justification, information on the data analysis chosen, overview of empirical findings and should conclude with a strong critical discussion section.

At the conference you will be asked to deliver a 20-minute session including a 15-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A.

Social Science students are invited to deliver poster presentations on their research topics. Posters will need to be of at least A2 size and detail the focus, aims and outcomes (or expectations) of research.