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Funder policies make Open Access publishing compulsory

The policy of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is that outputs that received their funding have to be made openly accessible on the web. This applies to research that is fully or partially funded by UKRI.  It currently covers peer-reviewed research articles and will include long-form outputs like monographs, book chapters and edited collections from Jan 2024 onwards.  It also includes UKRI funded research by doctoral students even if they have already left the University.

The Wellcome Trust has a similar policy and it has been extended to cover monographs and book chapters resulting from grants they award. 

UKRI and the Wellcome Trust are not alone in demanding Open Access to research outputs. Funding body requirements can be viewed, for instance, via the SHERPA JULIET service.

UKRI Open Access policy document - new policy taking effect from 1 Apr 2022 for research articles and from 1 Jan 2024 for long-form outputs. Read all about the impending changes on the UKRI pages. FAQs and supporting guidance for authors is also made available.

UKRI are prompting researchers to check with the Plan S Journal Checker Tool whether your journals of choice are eligible under the new Open Access policy, and your paper is UKRI OA policy compliant when publishing in one.

The JCT will be developed further to facilitate UKRI funded authors.

Wellcome Trust Open Access position statement

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