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DMPK and clinical pharmacology

The Institute has an experienced Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic (DMPK) team with an efficient and well-resourced analytical set-up.

The DMPK team plays a central role in the drug discovery process within the ICT and works closely with other members of the Institute in studies both at preclinical and clinical stages.  ADME, tissue distribution, and studies with recombinant enzymes are routinely undertaken.  Previous studies have included the analysis of complex metabolic profiles and the development of analytical methods for the PK analysis of highly reactive and potent molecules in the picomolar range.

Recent experience has also shown us that the sensitivity afforded by LC/MS/MS is essential to monitor low concentrations of highly potent metabolites or pharmacodynamic markers in small (low mg) clinical biopsy samples as we have successfully achieved in a recent Phase I clinical trial.  We also assist lead compound optimisation by developing in silico models to predict the dynamics of drug exposure of solid tumours using tissue penetration and plasma pharmacokinetic data obtained from lead compound investigations.

The GCP facility is supported by a Quality Control Manager and is central to the laboratory support of clinical trials.