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Menopause in the workplace

Date and time
Tuesday 30 April 2024, 13:00 BST to 14:30 BST
Attendance and participation
This is an online only event.
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About this webinar

Menopausal women represent the fastest-growing demographic in the workforce. On average, menopause occurs around the age of 51, and approximately 80% of women in this phase are employed. Three out of four experience symptoms, and one in four consider leaving their jobs due to the menopause challenges.

How are organisations supporting women experiencing menopause? What resources are accessible to managers and colleagues to support women navigating this important period of their lives? How do we create a more inclusive culture? Why is male advocacy important? 



This is a free event.

Join us for an exciting discussion featuring a panel of experts. As menopause remains a significant yet often overlooked aspect of women's health, this event aims to shed light on its impact within professional settings. Our panellists will explore the challenges women face during this transition, ranging from physical symptoms to psychological effects, and how these can affect workplace productivity and well-being.

Additionally, we will discuss practical strategies for creating supportive environments that accommodate the needs of menopausal employees. Whether you are a HR professional, manager, or simply interested in fostering inclusivity and understanding, this event promises valuable insights and actionable steps toward building a more menopause-friendly workplace.

Join us to empower yourself and your organization with knowledge and empathy.

Hosted by: 

Professor Udy Archibong, Pro Vice-Chancellor Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Bradford.

Panel members:

  • Sally Leech, Director of Menopause in the workplace. 
  • Raj Bains, Head of Content, Huddersfield Town Football Club
  • Melissa Sookia, Founder of Livve and Superintendent Pharmacist 
  • Gill Barlow, Head of Student Wellbeing, University of Bradford




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