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Department of Media, Design and Technology Team

Full list of our team

First name Last name Position Profile Photo
Kate Johnson Lecturer in Design View profile for Kate Johnson Photo of Kate Johnson
Carlton Reeve Head of Media Design & Technology View profile for Carlton Reeve Photo of Carlton Reeve
Robert Redman Lecturer in Creative Technology View profile for Robert Redman Photo of Robert Redman
Tao R Wan Senior Lecturer View profile for Tao R Wan Photo of Tao R Wan
Fin Caton-Rose Reader View profile for Fin Caton-Rose Photo of Fin Caton-Rose
Mark Goodall Senior Lecturer View profile for Mark Goodall Photo of Mark Goodall
Jason Theaker Lecturer in Computer Animation View profile for Jason Theaker Photo of Jason Theaker
Karen Thornton Lecturer in Media Studies View profile for Karen Thornton Photo of Karen Thornton
Hassan Ugail Professor of Visual Computing View profile for Hassan Ugail Photo of Hassan Ugail
Peter Lassey Senior Lecturer View profile for Peter Lassey Photo of Peter Lassey
Christopher Hazell Lecturer in Sound and Visual Production View profile for Christopher Hazell Photo of Christopher Hazell
Peter Chapman Lecturer in Animation and Visual Effects View profile for Peter Chapman
Irfan Mehmood Lecturer Applied Artificial Intelligence View profile for Irfan Mehmood Photo of Irfan Mehmood
Jacqui Griffin Lecturer - Film and Television View profile for Jacqui Griffin Photo of Jacqui Griffin
Kulvinder Panesar Lecturer-Applied Artificial Intelligence View profile for Kulvinder Panesar Photo of Kulvinder Panesar