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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

‌Chemical Engineering is concerned with large-scale chemical and biochemical processes in which materials undergo change. This can mean everything from a small batch production of a drug to fight cancer, to large-scale equipment needed to make commodity chemicals and polymers. Our course will equip you to make a career in the chemical or process industries. We will provide the necessary background to enable you to design processes and equipment, understand the reactions taking place, install computer control systems, start up processes and run them. These are all important aspects of being a professional engineer.

The distinctive feature of this course at Bradford is that as well as teaching traditional chemical engineering disciplines (oil, gas and petrochemical), there is also a focus on advanced materials engineering (based on our excellent research).

Although the discipline has its origins in oil, gas and petrochemical production, many chemical engineers today are engaged in highly diverse activities ranging from materials, pharmaceutical and food processing to challenging global water, environment and energy problems.

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At a glance

  • We are ranked 4th in the UK for Chemical Engineering in the Guardian University League Table 2019.
  • BEng (3 or 4-year course) and MEng (4 or 5-year) options.
  • Optional placement year of industrial training can be taken during the course (BEng and MEng).
  • Our Chemical Engineering courses are accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).
  • Study traditional Chemical Engineering Disciplines (oil, gas petrochemical).
  • Study additional modules in advanced materials engineering.
  • Courses are designed for those wishing to become Chartered Engineers.
  • Core disciplines are mathematics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics; mass and heat transfer, chemical reactions; materials; process control; safety.
  • MEng level gives you a further choice of specialisation in Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Desalination and Sustainable Energy Systems.
  • Multidisciplinary (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) team of staff with an excellent research portfolio in their respective disciplines.
  • MSc in Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering is also available.