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Touhid Imam

Like Steve Jobs, I do strongly believe that the journey is the reward in one’s life. Life is a one-time gift, and humanity is the ultimate goal to achieve.

My professional background is that I am a career diplomat from Bangladesh. Before stepping into diplomacy, I worked in various capacities with the World Bank, BBC World Service Trust, and with UNDP Bangladesh. But the sweetest experience I have had so far is working as a lecturer of the Department of Anthropology in two public universities in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Yet, I am indeed grateful to my current service of diplomacy, which enables me to connect with different people, places and cultures, and to be a part of the process of making history.

I have done my graduation and post-graduation in Anthropology and have interest on the issues like water diplomacy, sustainable development, international relations and politics, security issues in global-regional-local perspectives, conflict, peace, and resilience. I am grateful that the Chevening Scholarship and my present MA course (MA International Relations and Security Studies) at the University of Bradford both allowed me to seek and learn about my interests in depth.

I preferred the UK for my higher studies, because it is a multicultural, diversified hub of ideas and knowledge. It also upholds the shared history, legacy and the intellectual traditions of the Commonwealth.
I believe my MA degree on International Relations & Security Studies would fulfill my academic interest, and make me a future leader in concerned areas. I am thankful to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the UK Government, for giving me the opportunity to connect with other Chevening Scholars and alumni - who hold a strong promise to become global leaders, the leaders of pragmatic and positive change.

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