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Sudarshan Kunwar

I am Sudarshan Kunwar from Nepal. I hold a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and am studying a master's in Sustainable Development at the University of Bradford. 

Most of my undergraduate years I spent with AIESEC; a youth run organisation, the affiliation to which strongly contributed to my mindset and thought processes. For almost four years I got to experience the discourse on youth leadership around Sustainable Development Goals which took the form of executing dozens of projects within Nepal.

Post AIESEC, I had wider engagements with public and private sectors in the field of energy and sustainability. With Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), I got involved in solar feasibility in over 10 agricultural firms and conducted power output verification for over 10 micro hydro power plants in over 6 districts. With Adventure Vision, I was able to integrate eco tourism in the business model and customer flow as a private consultant. 

After completion of my degree I hope to build my career in the field of energy, climate change and in line with the sustainability discourse.