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A female physiotherapy student working with a patient in the Movement Lab.

How Clearing helped me do what I love
Bradford Life Blog

Aisha used Clearing to change her career path and took the leap by entering into MPhysiotherapy (Hons) Sport and Exercise Medicine. She shares her experience of the Clearing process.

Hi, my name is Aisha and I'm in my first year of MPhysiotherapy (Hons) Sport and Exercise Medicine at Bradford. In this blog, I will go through how I picked my course and my experience of using Clearing.

Why did you use Clearing?

I was previously studying midwifery at another university, and during my second year, I decided to take a gap year due to personal circumstances. I took a year out to work and during this time, I felt unsure if I wanted to carry on with my course.

During my gap year, I worked part-time in the NHS and the fitness industry. My decision to change my course was fuelled by the desire to do something which suited me better as my previous degree no longer fit with my career aspirations.

After researching courses, I found MPhysiotherapy (Hons) Sport and Exercise Medicine to be the best choice as it was an integrated degree. The integrated Master’s degree appealed to me as it combines both undergraduate and postgraduate level study in one streamlined course.

I also looked into career routes and realised I could combine my midwifery knowledge with this degree to go down various specialist routes, such as women's health or paediatric physiotherapy.

The University of Bradford is known for its prestigious MPhysiotherapy programme and this was important to me. I could see the faculty and staff were dedicated to providing high quality education, as reflected in the National Student Survey results displayed on the UCAS website.

The purpose-built movement lab, complete with an anatomage table, is also what attracted me as I consider myself a hands-on visual learner. Also being a born and bred Bradford girl, it made sense for me to study here!


What was your experience?

At first, I had preconceptions about Clearing and thought it would be lengthy and time-consuming. However, after a few phone calls to the UCAS Clearing line for information, I found it really simple. I contacted Bradford, applied, and then was invited for a virtual interview online.

The interview process was very straightforward and I received an answer within a few hours, which I was delighted with.

How did Results Day go for you?

As I'd already had my results two years prior, I didn't need them to enter into Clearing, but I still remember how elated I felt when I received them. When I received my results, I was ecstatic as I'd worked really hard for them. It all paid off as I had enough points to secure my offer for the course I was applying for.

Do you have any tips and advice for students who might go through Clearing this year?



When applying for university, it's important to make sure you research your chosen course and university thoroughly. A good way to do this is to read through the course specification, which is available on most university course pages, as it has invaluable information on what the course will consist of.

I'd recommend doing lots of research on the university's facilities and its location. Jot down brief notes on what appealed to you and be prepared to talk about these things in your interview (if you have one).

For me, researching the student satisfaction rates of the university was important. It gives you an insight into student life and whether you'll be happy there - these can normally be found on the university's UCAS page.


Support is key to your university journey, whether that's through Clearing or not.

Speak to friends and family for support, especially if you have not got the grades you were expecting. You could also speak to your college advisor for further support.

If you need more support, you can get in touch with the support team at your chosen university. They can offer guidance on all areas of student life and help you make a decision that's right for you.

Do what you love

Lastly and above all else, try to relax and pick something you enjoy. As the saying goes, "Pick a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life".