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SAFI Modules:

  • Module # 1 (Statistics for Engineering): imparts a critical understanding of the statistical methodologies that underpin a range of engineering activities, including problem-solving, problem prevention and product development.
  • Module # 3 (Statistics for Reliability Engineering): This course will introduce participants to fundamental reliability concepts and models and their application to product development at different phases of the systems life cycle.
  • Module # 5 (Robust Engineering): delivers knowledge to master the theory and practice of Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodology, as applied to Engineering problem-solving and design.
  • Module # 6 (Statistics Applications of Industrial Big Data): identifies engineering big data problems that need statistical methods, and statistical methods that are applicable to big data with implications in engineering processes - such as Product Creation Process and Whole System Lifecycle.
  • Module # 8 (Industrial Big Data Analysis & Mining): provides the skills and knowledge to practice and engage in data analysis and mining methods on large scale data, make effective decisions on methods by utilising evaluation measures, and apply machine learning methods for mining diverse kinds of information.
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Dr Cristina Tuinea-Bobe