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About us

The scope of SAFI is to design, develop, and market instructional products and services (courses, workshops, demos, etc) for industry. SAFI is committed to high quality instructional and educational training, and provides a core deliverable of programmes, courses, and learning objects for the distance education, distributed learning, and e-learning markets.

SAFI employs an object-oriented training methodology that yields flexible, scalable, and reusable content, supporting clients with rich, targeted courses which lead to fast implementation. Our training seeks to offer a balanced portfolio that mitigate business fluctuations and growth.

SAFI develops strategic relationships between its stakeholders and builds its success on a returning customer base, recommendations to new potential customers, and an accumulation of educational content that can be re-purposed for future delivery.

The four founding partners of SAFI will each provide in-kind contribution to the consortium through their staff time allocation, these influential associates of the UoB help to create a solid reputation for our training programme and this reputation forms the necessary basis for marketing and sales strategies.



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