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Commercial work

We can deliver our expertise to companies using a range of services determined by identifying what you need:

  • Contract research projects
  • Collaborative research projects- Answering a question- New IP is generated- Dedicated staff (PhD studentship, Post Doctoral Research Assistants) recruited if necessary
  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Facilities usage
  • Conferencing space (meeting, demonstrations of technology/equipment)
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)
  • Final year student project
  • Student placements
  • Internships

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Die drawing of polymers more durable than wood

Research into die drawing of polymers at Bradford has resulted in a new building material that is stronger and more durable than wood.

The wood replacement material is commercialised by the United Forest Products/Dow USA 2010 spin out company Eovations LLC >> for use in a range of construction applications.

Shape-memory polymers for use in medical implants

Our die drawing expertise has resulted in new shape-memory polymers for use in medical implants that reduce patient trauma and costs. The bioresorbable shape-memory polymers have recently been patented (4 patents filed) by Smith & Nephew for use in soft tissue fixations. These impacts form part of a range of exploitations of our oriented polymer technology.

Memory shape polymers.

Oriented polymer stent

ArterioSorb™ >> die drawn/laser cut oriented PLLA bioresorbable stent - a die drawing end product.

Biodegradable stent produced by Arterius.

Hot compacted PP

Hot compacted PP (CURV >>) successfully commercialised by Propex Fabrics (formerly BP).

Silver travel suitcase.


·         Engineering (PEEK etc)
·         Filled systems (ceramics, glass)
Application areas:
  • Brackets (reducing aesthetic impact)
  • Endodontics
  • High value - treatment costs $600


Dentistry tools created in collaboration with dental products company, DRFP.