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Car parking on campus

The University of Bradford offers staff and students the opportunity to obtain a parking permit for one of two campus car parks. For those who don't need to park on-site regularly, occasional user permits are available. 

We also offer parking arrangements for those who are visiting the University campus.

Applying for a permit 

Applications for parking permits open in September for the following academic year but can also be made at any point throughout the year. Before you make an application, please read the parking policy.

Once an application form is received and processed, applicants will be notified by email whether their application has been successful or not. Student parking permits are virtual and no paper permits will be issued.

Permit costs

  • Blue Badge holders will receive permits free of charge
  • Refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Applications for refunds must be evidence based with a covering letter submitted to Car Parking, Richmond Building, Richmond Road, Bradford, BD7 1DP

Staff permits

Type of permit 2 day 3 day 5 day
Main campus £105.60 per year £158.40 per year £240.00 per year
Electric Vehicle £105.60 per year £158.40 per year £240.00 per year
Reserved N/A N/A £377.00 per year
Car pool N/A N/A £117.50 per year
Motorcycle Bay N/A N/A £41.00 per year
Accessible £7.64 per month £11.46 per month £17.36 per month

Student permits

Type of permit 3 day 5 day
Main campus £79.20 per year £120.00 per year
Electric Vehicle £79.20 per year £120.00 per year
Motorcycle Bay N/A £41.00 per year
Accessible £5.73 per month

£8.68 per month

The permit system will only validate one vehicle registration on a permit when parking on site. If you have registered more than one vehicle on a parking permit, you must ensure that the correct vehicle registration is active before parking on campus.

Staff and current students may apply by registering on PermitSmarti.

Electric vehicles

The University also has a number of electric vehicle parking bays on campus based at Longside Lane A and Tumbling Hill Street.

Staff may apply for an electric car parking permit which will allow the free charging of their vehicles in one of the designated electric charging bays. Users will only be permitted to park in the bay for a maximum of three hours and will then need to move their vehicle to an ordinary parking bay.

If vehicles are not moved after three hours they shall be liable to receive a Civil Parking Notice of £60. Vehicle makes and models will be checked before an electric car parking permit is issued.

Occasional parking

Occasional car park users may apply for an occasional permit, allowing them to park on site for £3 per day.

These permits are available to staff who use a motor vehicle, attend for work infrequently (a few hours a week) or occasionally hire vehicles for business purposes.

They can only be issued where spaces are available and may be suspended when car parks become overcrowded.

Occasional permits can be bought via PermitSmarti.

Organised events

If you are visiting the University for a specific event, the organisers will be able to offer information regarding parking arrangements

Visitor parking

Visitors must present themselves to the University Reception Desk in the Richmond Building to obtain a visitor parking permit.

Permits for this car park will only be available from Richmond Building Reception and parking will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

If the visitor car park is full, security will direct visitors to the nearest pay and display car park. If demand in the general car park is low, they may direct visitors to park there using a visitor permit.

All visitors must obtain and display a valid parking permit clearly in the windscreen of their vehicle within 15 minutes of parking.

Contact us

For general enquiries, please contact the car parking team via email at