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Policy Statement on Equal Opportunities

The University is committed to promoting equality, diversity and an inclusive and supportive environment for students, staff and others closely associated with the University in conformity with the provisions of its Charter.

In particular, the University will:

  • Seek to ensure that people are treated equitably regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity, age, disability, socio-economic background, religion or belief (including non religion), marriage or civil partnership, family responsibilities, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or other inappropriate distinction.
  • Promote diversity in its students and staff by recognising the particular, contributions to the achievement of the University’s Equality and Diversity Strategy that can be made by individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences;
  • Promote and maintain an inclusive and supportive study and work, environment, which affirms the rights of individuals to be treated with respect and fairly and affords opportunities to fulfil their potential.

To support these aims the University will ensure that in the conduct of all its activities procedures are introduced and implemented which minimise the occurrence of inappropriate discrimination, whether direct or indirect.

Any discriminatory behaviour, including harassment or bullying, by individuals or groups will be regarded extremely seriously and could be regarded as grounds for disciplinary action, which may include expulsion or dismissal.

All University staff and students have the protection of and are subject to this policy. Staff are bound to comply with it under their contract of employment and students under the University’s disciplinary code.