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Commercial application

Our research expertise can be applied to the following industry areas:


We can deliver our expertise to companies using a range of services determined by identifying what you need:

  • Contract research projects
  • Collaborative research projects- Answering a question- New IP is generated- Dedicated staff (PhD studentship, Post Doctoral Research Assistants) recruited if necessary
  • Licensing Opportunities
  • Facilities usage
  • Conferencing space (meeting, demonstrations of technology/equipment)
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)
  • Final year student project
  • Student placements
  • Internships

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  • Mould insert for anti-counterfeit motif
  • QRcode pattern at micro and nano length scales
  • Large pattern laser machined
  • Small pattern machined using Focussed Ion Beam
  • Bulk metallic glass material (BMG)
  • Spin-off company, Sofmat formed to commercialise this technology - see the Sofmat website for more information.
QR code visible in the darkness under a green light.

Surgical tools/implantable devices


  • Engineering (PEEK etc)
  • Biosorbables
  • Filled/PIM systems (ceramics, glass)
  • Insert moulding (titanium, Stainless)


Application areas:

  • Arthroscopics (spinal, suture anchors)
  • High value, each treatment costs thousands

Drug Delivery

·         Inhaler/nebuliser components
·         Single use syringes
·         Controlled release implants
·         Microneedles - coated solid needles and hollow needles
Microscopic image of microneedles.

Healthcare Diagnostics

  • Fluid capture and analysis - sample handling/washing/prep systems 
  • Lab on a chip - microfluidic screening applications and single use diagnostic cartridges
  • Integrated systems;optics – lenses, light-guides,static mixers and pumping


·         Engineering (PEEK etc)
·         Filled systems (ceramics, glass)
Application areas:
  • Brackets (reducing aesthetic impact)
  • Endodontics
  • High value - treatment costs $600


Dentistry tools created in collaboration with dental products company, DRFP.


  • Require exceptional surface finish <10nm Ra
  • Fibre optic interconnects
  • Lenses – Fresnel, MLA
  • Diffractive optics
  • Anti reflective surfaces
  • Energy harvesting
Close up of a fresnel lens.

Mechanical Components

  • Gears - only useful above a certain scale
  • Connectors - fibre optics requiring high precision
  • Housings - smartphone assemblies
  • Cantilevers - flexural response avoids friction issues
Close up of a gear and the nib of a ball-point pen to emphasize the smallerness of the gear,