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Professor Anne Graham

Professor Anne Graham

Head of School of Chemistry & Biosciences

Expertise: Inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endothelial cells, cell signalling, MAP kinase, angiogenesis, microRNA

Professor Graham's research focuses on how cells lining the human blood vessels play a role in acute inflammation in health and chronic inflammation in disease, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

In 2021, Professor Graham led a consortium of clinicians, scientists and researchers on how to better identify which women are more at risk of gestational diabetes. 

In May 2022, she ran an event at the Pint of Science global festival to increase public understanding of the heart and healthy ageing, called This Ole Heart. 

Working with the University’s Dr Jon Silcock, Professor Graham has worked with pharmacists in Libya and Kuwait to educate patients with Type 2 diabetes about controlling their condition. 

Her work also looks at the part endothelial cells play in skin disease, such as psoriasis, as well as cancer.

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