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EndNote® for researchers

Why EndNote?

It is strongly recommended that you use a bibliographic management tool so that you can:

  • Easily create a searchable database (your EndNote Library) of your sources, so you can keep track of all your references and PDFs;
  • Use this database to automatically reference your work in any referencing style;

EndNote is the tool supported by the University, and with it you can also:

  • Manage your PDFs (add notes to them, group them into your current projects, and share them with supervisors and fellow researchers);
  • Automatically use your existing folders of PDFs to add the references for those articles to your EndNote Library;
  • Automatically sort new references by project or chapter.

Which version of EndNote?

  • We recommend that researchers use the desktop version, which has greater capabilities;
  • Researchers should also create an EndNote Online account:
    • Synchronising your desktop account to the online version is the safest method of backup.
    • EndNote desktop on different computers (for example, office PC and personal laptop) can be synchronised with EndNote Online, so the same references and PDFs are automatically available on both.
    • You can keep working with your EndNote Library in EndNote Online if you leave the University of Bradford (see below).
    • See the Library's EndNote page for more information about EndNote Online.


Accessing EndNote desktop


  • On all public cluster machines.
  • On all staff and researcher machines.
  • If you are a member of staff or a research student and EndNote desktop is not already installed on your University PC you can download it from:
    • the Software Center (Windows 10 machines) or;
    • Application Installers (Windows 7 machines).

Off-campus on your own PC

  1. Go to the IT Services software page in Sharepoint;
  2. Click on the EndNote link for your operating system (Windows or Mac) to download the installation zip file;
  3. If using a Windows machine, in the Downloads folder, right-click on the zipped Endnote package and choose "Extract to". You can leave "Downloads" as the destination. If you run the file just as it downloads, it will not install properly and will ask you for a "product key";
  4. When the file has been unzipped, run the new, normal looking Endnote.exe file;
  5. Copies of the EndNote desktop software must be removed when you leave the university.

Backing up your EndNote desktop Library

Your EndNote Library/enl file should be saved to your computer's hard or C drive only; any other location is insecure and the file could be corrupted or lost. To backup securely:

  1. Create an EndNote Online account and synchronise with EndNote desktop.
  2. Create a compressed EndNote Library/.enlx file (every month is recommended) and save it to a different location from your main EndNote Library. Compressed EndNote libraries are inherently insecure and can be saved to most drives and web/cloud servers.

Can I use EndNote with a Mac?

Yes, but there are three main practical differences:

  1. Transferring references into your EndNote is usually a two-stage process;
  2. Sometimes the EndNote tools in Word are either within the Tools tab, or in a separate floating toolbar;
  3. Citations and references are not highlighted in Word when you click on them.

If you use a Chromebook, a Linux operating system, OpenOffice or Pages tools, or you have a work or NHS laptop that does not permit software installation, please contact your subject librarian for help with EndNote.

What happens after I leave?

You will have to stop using EndNote desktop (unless you pay for your own copy), but you can keep your EndNote Online account, you just have to make sure that the email address you use for EndNote is no longer your Bradford email address.

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team. You can also read our Website Accessibility Statement.

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team. You can also read our Website Accessibility Statement.