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Library spaces

The library offers a variety of spaces to suit many self-directed study needs.

Please be aware that we do not have spaces suitable for online interviews, exams, lectures that require you to participate or the recording of presentations. There may be alternative spaces across campus that will provide for these if needed.

Library study zones

Silent zones - Floor 02, Floor 1, and Floor 2

These zones are for those studying alone and in silence.

Quiet zones - Floor 1 extension and Floor 0

These zones are for those studying in pairs quietly. You may not speak louder than a whisper.

Group study zone - Floor 01

This zone is for those studying in a group of three or more who need to talk to one another.

Bookable library spaces

Group study tables - Floor 01

These tables are around the edge of the main group study area. You will need to book a table before you can use it.

Study carrels - Floor 02

Study carrels are only for use by students who have been granted access as part of their LSP (Learner Support Profile). You will need to book a study carrel before you can use it.

Family Study Room – Floor 0

A dedicated bookable room for you to use when you need to bring your child(ren) with you to study in the library. The room can only be booked by one family group at a time. The room is equipped with a desk, power sockets and a chair which can be used for breastfeeding, as well as child friendly furniture, books and colouring equipment.

You must register before you can use the room. Registration forms are available from the Library Enquiry Desk. Once registered, you can book the Family Study Room online.

A brightly coloured room with children's furniture and books

Library Family Study Room

Other library spaces

Calm Space - Floor 0

The Calm Space is a designated area for you to take a few minutes to rest and recharge alone. There is a selection of wellbeing books available for you to read and borrow and a free book exchange.

Library Postgraduate  - Floor 1

For use by postgraduate research students, located in room 1.05.

A calm area in the library with seating, plants and books

Library Calm Space

study room containing tables, computers and privacy screens dividing study areas

Library Postgraduate room