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Dr. Zahid Hussain

Information about Dr. Zahid Hussain at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Zahid Hussain joined the school full time in 2002 and has taught at all levels since including executive education, MBA, DL etc. He possess tremendous amount of academic and management experience and possess many other suitable qualifications. He teaches with passion, rigour and meticulousness. He can undertake wider multidisciplinary research within the university that has better impact, hence meeting the university’s pledge to making knowledge work. He is a member of HEA and several other professional bodies (Member of HEA, BCS, BAM, UKAIS). He has won several awards in distinguished teaching and is helping to deliver the faculty vision of enhancing levels of student satisfaction. This will help to achieve the faculty objective of excelling teaching. He is external examiner to University of West London and Imperial College London and in the past was external to Aston, Open University and University of East London. His research is usually applied and industry based. Several of his recent articles have been ‘best read’ and/or ‘nominated as best papers’ by academics. However, Zahid has and continues to supervise world class research of highest merit involving many well-known organisations, such as NATO, SAP, Mercedes, Emirates Airline, British Telecom, Mauritius Government, Asda, PACE, BBC, Airbus UK, NHS and many more including many SMEs. He is a permanent speaker/presenter on learning and improvement topics at the local community radio – MACS.


Big Data, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce/E-Government Systems Dynamics IS/IT Governance, Innovation and Technology Management, Circular economy Sustainable use of IT. 2017: Phillips - Netherland Tyco International - UK NHS England Lewisham Council - Housing.

Research supervision

Dr. Zahid Hussain is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.

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