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Dr. Rosalili Wan Rosli

Information about Dr. Rosalili Wan Rosli at the University of Bradford.

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Dr.Wan Rosalili Wan Rosli is a lecturer at the University of Bradford, United Kingdom and a former senior lecturer from the Faculty of Law, UniversityTeknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia, where she spends more than 11 years teaching variousundergraduate and postgraduate subjects. She completed her LL.B (Hons.) andreceived the Young Lecturers Scheme Scholarship for her LLM where she graduatesat the top of her class. She joined UiTM in August 2011 and was offered theStaff Scholarship in 2015 and managed to complete her Ph.D. in less than 3years. With more than 11 years of experience in academia, she managed to secure more than 12 internal and externalgrants whose subject area ranges from money laundering to cybercrime,artificial intelligence, prevention/countering of violent extremism-relatedlaws, and cybersecurity issues. Apart from that, she also has more than 30 papers published inindexed journals and even managed to publish her article, Cloaked byCyber Space: A Legal Response to the Risks of Cyber Stalking inMalaysia in the International Journal of Cyber Criminology whichranks as a Scopus Q1 journal. Furthermore, apart from writing in journals, she also activelywrites in e-newspapers and online magazines. Her work on intimate partnerviolence and new technologies have reached audiences worldwide where she isoften invited to speak and share her knowledge within the local andinternational arena. She has presented her papers nationally andinternationally, such as in Korea, New Zealand, India, and Indonesia. She hasalso won the “Best Paper Award” for her article Managing CyberHarassment at Work. Somenotable achievement is when she is invited to share her experience in law andtechnology as a keynote speaker at the International Postgraduate Conference atGadjah Mada University, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, and speak about intimate partnerviolence at the International Law Symposium at the University of New England,Sydney Australia. One of the highest recognition she received is when she isinvited to be the subject matter expert in formulating a new anti-stalking lawfor Malaysia, which is due to be tabled in the Malaysian parliament soon. Sheis also often invited to review papers to be published in journals or acceptedfor international conferences. Apart from that, she has worked together withYAKSHA in Malaysia which aims in enhancing cybersecurity awareness andtailor-made cybersecurity solutions for each nation. Dr.Wan Rosalili is also actively engaged with non-profit organisations andgovernment bodies in giving awareness to the public about the importance ofcybersecurity and protection online. She has experience engaging participantsfrom various backgrounds. Furthermore, she is very active in innovationcompetitions. Realising her ambition to give her research a voice and give backto society, she developed an application named “MyStalk Alert” which aims insupporting the victims of harassment and stalking by facilitating them inkeeping a trail of evidence which is imperative for investigation andprosecution. The App also gives mental health support and useful links thathelp victims to keep a diary of all incidences. The MyStalk Alert won 1 goldmedal and 1 silver medal in an international innovation competition. Her teamalso managed to bag the best poster award for the application. Dr. Wan Rosalilihas also received several recognitions from her former University where she haswon the research and publication award for the year 2020 until 2022. She isalso awarded the young academic award from the Law Faculty in 2021.