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Professor Wendy Currie,
Professor-Management Information Systems

Information about Professor Wendy Currie at the University of Bradford.

School of Management
(Faculty of Mgmt, Law & Social Sciences)


Wendy Currie holds a fractional post at the university of Bradfordas Professor of Information Systems and Management. She is full-time atAudencia Business School, Nantes, France. She holds a PhD in Management(Henley Mangement College, UK), a BSc in Sociology (Kingston University, UK),and HDR from the University of Nantes, France. Her current researchinterests include digital transformation in financial markets, crypto-assetregulation and decentralised finance, government policy for managing largescale health IT projects, cross national comparisons in IT diffusion andadoption, and IT benchmarking and performance measurement. Working withMicrosoft and a coalition of partners, she developed the TEMPEST model tobenchmark health IT access and usage across EU member states. In 2012, she setup the journal Health Policy and Technology which she edited for five years.Her research is published in leading academic journals, with funding obtainedfrom the ESRC, EPSRC and EU. In 2005, she designed the MSc in InformationSystems and Management at Warwick University and set up the department ofInformation Systems, becoming head of department. On joining Audencia BusinessSchool in 2012, she designed the Management of Digital Business and IT GrandeEcole Program.


Digital technology development and implementation in financial services, healthcare and sport; government policy for managing large scale IT projects, specialising in health systems; cross national comparisons in IT diffusion and adoption; and benchmarking IT performance.

Research supervision

Professor Wendy Currie is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching modules

Information about programme modules taught by Professor Wendy Currie.
Title Subject Module code Year
Literature Reviewing for Doctoral Studies
Translating Research into Practice

Professional activities

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  • Henley Management College/Brunel - PhD
  • KIngston University - BSc (2.1) Hons


There are 12 publications involving or that are attributed to Professor Wendy Currie. They are listed as:

  • conference publication (1)
  • editorial (1)
  • peer reviewed journal (8)
  • reviews (2)

Conference Publication

Professor Wendy Currie has 1 publication(s) listed under conference publication.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Health Organizations' Adoption and Use of Mobile Technology in France, the USA and UK 2016 Procedia Computer Science Procedia Computer Science 58 413 - 418 Currie W. 1877-0509 10.1016/j.procs.2016.09.063


Professor Wendy Currie has 1 publication(s) listed under editorial.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
E-Health in Europe: Current situation and challenges ahead 2016 Health Policy and Technology 5 314 - 317 Quaglio G.;Dario C.;Stafylas P.;Tiik M.;McCormack S.;Zilgalvis P.;d'Angelantonio M.;Karapiperis T.;Saccavini C.;Kaili E.;Bertinato L.;Bowis J.;Currie W.L.;Hoerbst A. 2211-8837 10.1016/j.hlpt.2016.07.010

Peer Reviewed Journal

Professor Wendy Currie has 8 publication(s) listed under peer reviewed journal.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Guest editorial 2003 Business Process Management Journal 9 Currie W.;Weerakkody V. 1463-7154 10.1108/bpmj.2003.15709faa.001
Dialectic tensions in the financial markets: a longitudinal study of pre- and post-crisis regulatory technology 2018 Journal of Information Technology 33 304 - 325 Currie W.;Gozman D.;Seddon J. 0268-3962 10.1057/s41265-017-0047-5
Healthcare financialisation and the digital divide in the European Union: Narrative and numbers 2017 Information and Management 54 1084 - 1096 Seddon J.;Currie W. 0378-7206 10.1016/
The regulatory, technology and market 'dark arts trilogy' of high frequency trading: A research agenda 2017 Journal of Information Technology 32 111 - 126 Currie W.;Seddon J. 0268-3962 10.1057/s41265-016-0025-3
A model for unpacking big data analytics in high-frequency trading 2017 Journal of Business Research 70 300 - 307 Seddon J.;Currie W. 0148-2963 10.1016/j.jbusres.2016.08.003
Entangled stakeholder roles and perceptions in health information systems: A longitudinal study of the U.K. NHS N3 Network 2016 Journal of the Association of Information Systems 17 107 - 161 Pouloudi N.;Currie W.;Whitley E.A. 1536-9323 10.17705/1jais.00421
A cross-national analysis of eHealth in the European Union: Some policy and research directions 2014 Information and Management 51 783 - 797 Currie W.;Seddon J. 0378-7206 10.1016/
Conflicting institutional logics: A national programme for IT in the organisational field of healthcare 2007 Journal of Information Technology 22 235 - 247 Currie W.L.;Guah M.W. 0268-3962 10.1057/palgrave.jit.2000102


Professor Wendy Currie has 2 publication(s) listed under reviews.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Financialization and information technology: A multi-paradigmatic view of IT and finance-Part II 2018 Journal of Information Technology 33 1 - 8 Lagoarde-Segot T.;Currie W. 0268-3962 10.1057/s41265-017-0045-7
Financialization and information technology: Themes, issues and critical debates - Part i 2017 Journal of Information Technology 32 211 - 217 Currie W.L.;Lagoarde-Segot T. 0268-3962 10.1057/s41265-017-0044-8