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Dr. Vuong Mai,
Lecturer in Electronics & Communication

Information about Dr. Vuong Mai at the University of Bradford.

School of CSAI&E
(Faculty of Eng & Digital Technologies)
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Vuong Mai is a Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Digital Technologies, University of Bradford, UK. He is also a core team member of the Bradford-Renduchintala Centre for Space AI. Prior to joining Bradford, he worked as a Research Assistant Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, South Korea. His current research interests encompass several areas, including optical wireless, free-space optics, B5G/6G, aerial communications, and space communications. For more detailed information about his academic activities, kindly refer to the following link:


OSpace (Optical Wireless and Future Space Networks): The increasing demand for high-speed data transmission and congestion in the radio frequency spectrum are creating exciting opportunities for optical wireless. Vuong Mai's current research focuses on the optical wireless technology operating in the near-infrared band, which is widely referred to as free-space optics (FSO). This technology, having an extremely wide unregulated bandwidth and narrow beam divergence, is capable of delivering high data-rate signals (e.g., >1 Gb/s) over a long distance (e.g., >1000 km). Low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) terminals and high-secure transmission are also enabled by FSO. However, still perceived are significant challenges, including adverse effects of the atmospheric transmission medium and requirements for highly precise beam alignment. Vuong Mai is working on various techniques for enabling reliable FSO systems. He is also interested in future space networks (SpaceNets), in which FSO could be one of the key technologies for realizing high-speed/large-capacity space communication links and long-distance/free-space quantum key distribution. For prospective students who are interested in OSpace research, you can find advertised PhD projects at this link:


Details on teaching interests, highlights and modules are available for Dr. Vuong Mai as follows:

Teaching interests

Vuong Mai is currently teaching modules within the MSc Satellite Systems Engineering programme at the Bradford-Renduchintala Centre for Space AI.

Teaching modules

Information about programme modules taught by Dr. Vuong Mai.
Title Subject Module code Year
Earth Observation Satellite Systems
Ground Satellite Systems