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Dr. Viktor Doychinov

Information about Dr. Viktor Doychinov at the University of Bradford.

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I joined the University of Bradford in August 2022 as a Lecturer in Electronics and Software Engineering, a post affiliated with the Bradford-Renduchintala Centre for Space AI.Before that I received a BEng in Telecommunications from the Technical University - Sofia, an MSc in Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications from University College London, and a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds. I then spent several years there working as a postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Robotics, Autonomous Systems, and Sensing.I have worked on a wide range of single- and multi- disciplinary projects, all of which have involved the use of RF and wireless technology in one form or another. Some of these projects were:Cleanroom microfabrication of resonant-tunnelling diodes (RTDs) and MEMS structuresSimultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer at 5.8 GHz and 24 GHzAdditive manufacture of conformal antennasImplantable antennas for exploratory neuroscience studiesWireless communications for infrastructure robotics - Pipebots projectMy wider skillset includes:Linear and non-linear design and simulation of RF/microwave circuits, components, and systems using Keysight ADS and Ansys HFSS among othersLinear and non-linear RF measurements up to 100s of GHz, including S-parameter, modulated signal, and on-wafer probe measurementsDielectric material characterisation including soft biological tissue and custom fixture designUse of Software-Defined Radio for propagation measurements and wireless communication system prototyping up to 6 GHzEmbedded electronics for wireless sensor networks, using MCUs like nRF52840 and STM32WB55Robotics-related hardware and software frameworks, such as BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi for embedded Linux, and ROS2, MAVLink, and ArduPilot for various robotics platformsGeneral, scientific, and embedded programming in C and Python, including various frameworks and packages such as Jupyter, scikit-rf, gprMax, and othersAs part of my work in the Centre for Space AI I have expanded my use of mission design and simulation software such as STK and GMAT, and am looking forward to using them in exciting new projects.I am also passionate about public engagement and outreach - I am an active STEM Ambassador with the Transpennine Hub, and was awarded an RAEng Ingenious grant in 2020/2021.


My research interests are in the broad field of wireless communications and wireless electronics, particularly in the context of satellite communications. Particular projects and topics I am currently working on and interested in are:Developing millimetre-wave transceiver hardware for nanosatellitesInvestigating the feasibility of mesh networks at millimetre-wave frequencies for robotics and satellite applicationsUse of COTS hardware for communication link impairments emulationSimultaneous communication and sensingAnother area of interest for me is in the application of free and open source tools and frameworks in the hardware and software development of nanosatellites, such as PocketQubes and CubeSats. I am keen to use, contribute to, and author such tools as part of my activities in the Bradford-Renduchintala Centre for Space AI.Finally, I am curious about similarities between system and component design principles for satellites and for other applications in resource-constrained environments, such as exploration robotics and implantable/wearable healthcare technology.


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Teaching interests

I contribute to teaching on the BEng/MEng Biomedical Engineering, BSc Clinical Technology, and MSc Satellite Systems Engineering programmes. In particular, I deliver lectures, tutorials, labs, and seminars on the following topics:Embedded Electronics and Embedded SoftwareDigital Signal ProcessingSatellite CommunicationsRF and Microwave EngineeringSpace Mission Design

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