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Dr. Tom Swift

Information about Dr. Tom Swift at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Swift's research focuses on functional polymer materials; primarily stimuli responsive macromolecules which respond to their surroundings. These have application in various biotechnologies (both disease sensing and controlled delivery of treatments), in formulation science and broader engineering applications. He has an interest in developing new characterisation techniques to better understand these complex material systems.He received a degree as a master of Chemistry (MChem Industry) from the University of York, having spent his fourth year at an industrial placement at AkzoNobel’s Decorative Paints division researching novel film functionality where he remained for a brief period developing novel paint formulations.He later began a PhD at the University of Sheffield where he specialised in stimuli responsive polymer synthesis and analysis, in a range of fields and applications including; fluorescence tagging, material characterisation, solution behavior of smart polymers and an understanding of water treatment processes. Practical experience with free radical, RAFT and ATRP methods of synthesising both linear polymers, branched polymers and hydrogels, extensive use of GPC techniques and time resolved fluorescence spectrometers.He took up his post as Lecturer at the University of Bradford September 2016, originally as Lecturer in Polymer Characterisation before receiving a promotion to Lecturer in Polymer Chemistry in 2019. He was the Programme Lead for the BSc Chemistry Apprenticeship until January 2023, a level 6 training program for the Laboratory Scientist standard. He is also a co-investigator of the Project CAYMAN and Project SIBLING industrial collaborations - funding designed to encourage access to academic expertise across the north of England.


Doctor Swift studied his PhD in polymer chemistry at the University of Sheffield. He has synthetic expertise in self condensing vinyl polymerisation, controlled polymerisation (RAFT, ATRP, Cationic ring opening polymerisation). Doctor Swift is particularly interested in controlling the size and architecture of functional polymer materials and this requires advanced techniques to control the rates and direction of polymerisation reactions.I am particularly interested in polymers as stimuli responsive materials, and so do research into the complex physics that drive their solution or solid state behaviour. One recent research interest has been the discovery that the pH responsive solution behaviour of poly(acrylic acid) is driven by pH.Polymers interact with a range of other materials and Dr Swift is interested in the way polymers interact with each other or other components in solution.

Research supervision

Dr. Tom Swift is responsible for the supervision of 1 postgraduate researchers at the University of Bradford.


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Teaching interests

Research led teaching - I train students to gain new abilities, skills and insight to develop themselves as excellent researchers.

Teaching highlights

Programme Leader for BSc Chemistry Apprenticeship (2018 - 2023)Co-ordinate and plan for our distance learning, industrially focused BSc Chemistry course.In addition to this role I deliver on the following modules CFS4026-D - Practical Chemistry 1 - Module leader (2016 - 2020, 2023 - )CFS7018-B - Materials Characterisation (Module Leader, 50% module load)CFS7028-B - Imaging (50% module load)CFS7023-E - Research Project - Advanced Investigations (Module Leader 2016 - )Past:CFS5018-B - Physical Chemistry 2 (Colloids content - 2020 only)And I have offered student research supervision for projects in the following modules:CFS7005-E - Stage Four Research Project (MChem)CFS7023-E - Research Project - Advanced Investigations BIS6026-D - Biomedical Science Research ProjectBIS7005-E - Research Project (Biomedical Science)ARC6025-D - Dissertation (Archaeology)

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