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Dr. Theresa Onaji-Benson

Information about Dr. Theresa Onaji-Benson at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Theresa Onaji-Benson is an Assistant Professor of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Department of International Business, Marketing and Strategy. Prior to this role she was Faculty at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, where she lectured ethics and sustainability and managed the Centre for Business Ethics and the Centre for African Management and Markets. Her core research interests focuses on the role of business in society and interrogates business ethics, social responsibility, partnerships and sustainability. Her recent projects have focused on whistleblowing and speak out cultures in South Africa, the role of business in tackling the challenges of gender based violence in constrained contexts and how organisations partner to navigate grand challenges. Her current research project seeks to understand how multisectoral partnerships organise to tackle grand challenges in developing countries. Theresa has a number of publications including journal articles, white papers and teaching cases. Some of her award winning teaching cases are featured in Emerald Insight, Ivey Publishing and the Harvard Business Review. She is the global representative for Africa in the Strategic Management division of the Academy of Management, a member of the Academy of International Business and was a member of the taskforce for reviewing research, curriculum and partnerships for the Principle of Responsible Management Education (PRME).


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