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Dr. Takao Maruyama

Information about Dr. Takao Maruyama at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Takao Maruyama joined the School of Management in 2019 and is currently Assistant Professor in Business Analytics. He is also Programme Leader for MSc in Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management ( Prior to joining the School of Management, Takao had gained more than 10 years of industry experience in data analytics in the higher education sector, analysing various types of quantitative data and communicating effectively key findings with senior management teams. Takao has worked on research areas including information systems, logistics and supply chain management, using data analytics. Lately, he has been working on research projects on social inclusion of minorities specifically older workers and their well-being/ job satisfaction. Takao has published papers in journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Information Technology and People, and New Technology Work and Employment.


Quantitative Social SciencesInformation systemsHealthcareData analytics (statistical analyses, machine learning models, sentiment analysis)Circular EconomySupply Chain Management


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Teaching interests

I currently teach the following modules:OIM7502-B Business Data AnalyticsOIM6014-B Applied Business Analytics and SimulationOIM5015-B Big Data Analytics for BusinessOn those modules, I also deliver workshops, teaching students data analytics tools such as R, Python, SAS and Tableau.

Teaching highlights

I always incorporate current/ my own research and invite front line professionals as guest speakers. I also conduct in-lecture quizzes which allow students to test their understanding of new concepts/knowledge they learn during lectures. I have taught varying class sizes, ranging from 20 to 300 on UG, PGT and PhD/DBA programmes.

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