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Professor Tim Gough

Information about Professor Tim Gough at the University of Bradford.

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Tim (BEng CEng MIMechE FHEA) is Professor of Fluid Mechanics and acted as Head of Department of Mechanical & Energy Systems Engineering until July 2021. He is also Deputy Director of the IRC in Polymer Engineering and Manager of their Materials Characterisation laboratories. His main research interests are in the effects of flow upon materials development for polymeric and pharmaceutical applications. His current work involves the application of optical, spectroscopic, neutron and x-ray probes to soft matter and pharmaceuticals undergoing deformation and crystallisation to elucidate the effects of shear on structure and its influence on processing and end product properties. He is a frequent user of large-scale international neutron and x-ray facilities in the UK, France and the US to aid with these studies.He holds a first degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from the University of Surrey for his work on turbulent boundary layers and wakes. Following this he moved to Bradford to work projects on cyclonic two-phase separations for the brewing and oil industries prior to working on the two large EPSRC funded Microscale Polymer Processing programmes.He has many active links with industry and academia in the fields of polymer processing and pharmaceutics and holds three patents in these areas.He has supervised 13 PhD and 2 MPhil students to completion and currently supervises four PhD students in the fields of fluid mechanics, hydrogels and pharmaceutical processing. He was awarded the University’s Baroness Lockwood Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2010 and was especially pleased to be awarded Lecturer of the Year in the inaugural UBU Student Leadership Awards in 2019.Tim has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal papers as well as over 100 conference papers in polymer science, engineering, separations technology and aerodynamics.


Fluid MechanicsRheologyPolymer ProcessingPharmaceutical ProcessingMaterials


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Teaching (2022-2023):MAE4013-B Design, Build and TestMAE5012-B Thermofluids 2CSE5013-B Water EngineeringENG6005-B Sustainable EnergyMAE6013-B Advanced Fluid Mechanics with AerodynamicsENG6003-D Individual Research ProjectENG7002-E MSc Project


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