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Dr Tillal Eldabi

Professor (BA & DI)

Faculty/Dept/School School of Management
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232406


Professor Tillal Eldabi holds PhD and MSc in Simulation Modelling and BSc in Econometrics and Social Statistics. He has published over 100 articles in highly accredited journals and conferences and successfully supervising and graduating 18 doctoral students. Over a period of 20 years, his main research area was focussing on the use of Simulation Modelling to solve healthcare problems. He developed tailormade modelling packages to support health economists and clinicians to decide on the best treatment programmes. Other works include modelling approaches to enable stakeholders’ engagement and modelling A&E departments. More recently his works focused on developing frameworks for Hybrid Simulation for modelling complex systems with special emphasis on healthcare systems. Professor Eldabi has led and co-investigated several research projects worth more than a £2 million where he gained funding from national and international research councils such as EPSRC (UK), Qatar National Foundations, British Council, and UNDP – all related to modelling healthcare and Higher Education enhancement. He is the cofounder of the Simulation Workshop UK and the Hybrid Simulation Track at Winter Simulation Conference. Professor Eldabi led the development and management of the PhD without Residence Programme at Ahlia University – Bahrain. It graduated more than 60 doctoral students, where 45% of them are female, the highest rate of gender parity the Gulf region as evidence of capacity building in diversity and inclusivity. Professor Eldabi also developed two innovative programmes: MBA in healthcare and BSc in Business Analytics.


Discrete Event Simulation

Hybrid Simulation

Simulation in Healthcare Management

Business Analytics


Year Module code Title Subject
OIM7514-ASimulation Modelling

Professional activities

  • Bradford DBA Programme Lead


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