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Dr. Stacy-Paul Wilshaw

Information about Dr. Stacy-Paul Wilshaw at the University of Bradford.

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Acellular biological scaffolds for tissue repair and regeneration. A range of acellular biological scaffolds have been developed which may have clinical application for repair and regeneration, as in vitro models of disease or applied to in vitro drug screening. These biological scaffolds are devoid of cells and cell remnants and have demonstrated a capacity for regeneration however the role of the body’s immune system in the regenerative process is largely unknown. Current research focuses on the application of acellular scaffolds for cardiovascular repair and peripheral nerve replacement, alongside the development of liver grafts and the application of human amniotic membrane to restore damaged cornea and as a cell carrier. Elucidating the mechanisms though which acellular scaffolds regenerate in vivo and the role of the immune system in this process.


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