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Dr M. Sudhir Selvaraj is a Lecturer in Project Planning and Management at the Department of Peace Studies and International Development. He earned his PhD in Politics from the King's India Institute and his MA in International Relations (with distinction) from the Department of War Studies, both at King's College London. Before joining PSID, he worked as a Lecturer in International Development at the Department of International Development, King's College London, where he serves as a research affiliate. His research explores the direct and structural violence against religious minorities in South Asia. He has actively disseminated his research at international conferences, academic journals and numerous online platforms. 

Sudhir is also a seasoned theatre person who brings many creative practices into his teaching. He has written plays on conflicts in South Asia.


Dr Selvaraj's research interests lie at the intersection of religion and politics in South Asia. As such, he is particularly interested in questions of aggressive religious nationalism, caste, secularism, democracy and anti-minority violence.


Year Module code Title Subject
DEV7040-BProject Implementation Management

Professional activities

  • Political Science Association, Member
  • British Association of South Asian Studies, Member
  • Law and Society Association, Member


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleTeaching the Teachers: Reflections from two Graduate Teaching Assistants (2022)
AuthorsAnna Grimaldi and Sudhir Selvaraj
JournalPostgraduate Pedagogies
TitleRevisioning Paradigms: Essays in Honour of David Selvaraj (2015)
AuthorsMercy Kappen, M. Sudhir Selvaraj, S. Theodore Baskaran
PublisherVisthar Publications