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Dr. Stephen Sikkink

Information about Dr. Stephen Sikkink at the University of Bradford.



My research interests include oxidative stress and anti-oxidant systems; skin and hair follicle pigmentation and ageing processes. My role involves developing novel technical insights and benefits for skin and skin appendages using translational research. Day to day I work closely with academic members of staff and the CSS business manager on projects funded by industry. This includes conducting and developing laboratory based assays to investigate the effects of bioactive compounds on skin and its appendages including hair follicles and investigating the biology of skin and hair follicles in response to genetic, biological and environmental factors. My previous research experience was in cell-signaling pathways in skin (particularly psoriasis) and protein function/interactions in multiple cell types. Career history B.Sc. Applied Biology with Honours, Sunderland University M.Phil. Molecular Genetics of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer, Newcastle University Ph.D. Genetic Pathology of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Liverpool University