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Professor Savas Konur

Head of School - CSAIE

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Eng & Digital Technologies
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Savas Konur is Professor of Artificial Intelligence and  Computational Modelling at the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics, University of Bradford, where he was previously Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader. He received the B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from METU (Turkey), RWTH Aachen (Germany) and University of Manchester (UK), respectively. He previously held positions in the Department of Computer Science at University of Sheffield and at University of Liverpool. 

Prof Konur is the Head of Computational Modelling Research Group. His research interests involve scientific AI; integrated modelling using data-driven, computational, and mathematical modelling paradigms; machine learning-enhanced simulation and verification; intelligent automation and decision-support for complex systems with interdisciplinary applications to systems and synthetic biology, membrane computing, and smart manufacturing. 

He has successfully secured a portfolio of R&I grants worth of £1.5M as PI and £1.3M as Co-I, funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK, EU RDF and commercial organisations,s. He has established networks and collaborations with industry and academic institutions both nationally and internationally, which have led to interdisciplinary projects, bids and publications. 

He has published in numerous prestigious flagship journals as well as many leading conferences. He is in the Editorial Board of Journal of Membrane Computing — Springer Verlag, a flagship journal in membrane computing, a Committee Member of the International Membrane Computing Society, a Member of Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems UK Network and a Member of Make UK. He has served as referee in numerous prestigious journals and conferences and regularly review for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and Leverhulme Trust. His research has been recognised with multiple awards. He is a currently a Member of both the University’s and FoEI's Research & Innovation Committees.  


Computational Modelling, Data Driven Modelling (including Machine Learning), Software Engineering, Software Verification and High-performance Computing with interdisciplinary applications to Systems and Synthetic Biology, Membrane Computing, Intelligent Systems and Smart Manufacturing
Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
01-OCT-22 - Principal Investigator Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing for Baking Industry [Innovate UK]
01-OCT-18 - Principal InvestigatorLight-weight Verification for Synthetic Biology [EPSRC]
01-MAR-20 - Principal InvestigatorSmart Network Traffic Monitoring [Innovate UK KTP]
01-JUN-17 - Principal InvestigatorIntelligent Manufacturing Systems [Innovate UK KTP]
01-APR-19 - Principal InvestigatorIntelligent Network Services [EU RDF]
01-MAY-19 - Principal InvestigatorAI Enabled Feedback Analysis [EU RDF]
01-MAR-17 - Principal InvestigatorCollaboration & Capacity Development Award [UoB]
01-MAR-22 - Co-InvestigatorNovel System Arch. for Fast Frequency Services [Innovate UK KTP]
01-JUN-21 - Co-InvestigatorAI-based Decision Support System for Law [Innovate UK KTP]
01-FEB-22 - Co-InvestigatorAutomatic Synthesis of Manufacturing Process Controllers [SURE]
01-FEB-17 - Co-InvestigatorPrimary Care at Scale - Upskilling an 'On-demand' Workforce for NHS [SBRI]

Professional activities

  • 01-NOV-19: University of Bradford - Reader in Computer Science
  • 01-NOV-17:  University of Bradford -  Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
  • 01-JUN-12: University of Sheffield - Postdoctoral Research Associate
  • International Membrane Computing Society , Committee Member
  • Verification & Validation of Autonomous Network, Member
  • British Computer Society, Member
  • Make UK , Member
  • University of Bradford Research and Innovation Committee,
  • Faculty of Engineering and Informatics Research and Innovation Committee,
  • University of Bradford External Examiner Committee,
  • International Membrane Computing Society ,
  • 01-JAN-15: Top Downloaded Paper, Theoretical Computer Science
  • 01-JAN-14: Best Paper Runner-up in 14th Int. Conference on Membrane Computing
  • 01-JAN-08: Department and Faculty Scholarships, University of Manchester
  • 01-JAN-03: Research Assistantship & Scholarship (Teilstipendium), RWTH
  • 01-JAN-22: AIERC2022 Best paper award
  • 01-JAN-20: Innovate UK KTP Best of Best Finalist
  • 01-JAN-19: Innovate UK Certificate of Excellence Award
  • 01-JAN-18: University of Bradford Performance Recognition Award
  • 01-JAN-17: University of Bradford, NSS/PTES Recognition Award
  • 01-JAN-17: Google Summer of Code Award (IBW)
  • 01-JAN-16: University of Bradford Performance Recognition Award
  • 01-JAN-16: Best Student Paper Nomination, 17th Int. Conference on Membrane Computing
  • Member of UoB Research and Innovation Committee
  • Member of FoEI Research and Innovation Committee
  • Member of UoB External Examiner Committee
  • Programme Leader of BEng Software Engineering
  • Computing Enterprise Computing Management Team Member
  • Programme Committee Member and Track Chair: PC Member of Int. Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining, FSDM22, 2022 PC Member of 23rd International Conference on Membrane Computing, CMC23, 2022 PC Member of AIERC2022 PC Member of Int. Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining, FSDM21, 2021 PC Member of 22nd Int. Conf. on Membrane Computing, CMC22, 2021 PC Member of AIERC2021 PC Member of Int. Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining, FSDM20, 2020 PC Member of 21st International Conference on Membrane Computing, CMC21, 2020 PC Member of Int. Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining, FSDM19, 2019 PC Member of 20th International Conference on Membrane Computing, CMC20, 2019 PC Member of Asian Branch of Int. Conf. on Membrane Computing, ACMC19, 2019 PC Member of 19th International Conference on Membrane Computing, CMC19, 2018 PC Member of Int. Conference on Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining, FSDM18, 2018 Co-organiser of 18th International Conference on Membrane Computing, CMC18,
  • Funding Bodies Peer Review: Referee for EPSRC, NIHR and Leverhulme


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