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Dr. Sara Morsy,
Lecturer in Anatomy & Physiology

Information about Dr. Sara Morsy at the University of Bradford.

School of Pharmacy & Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)


Research areas: Mainly three themes:- Computational: Clinical digital twins, AI, computational biology- Precision psychiatry- Functional neurological disorders


My research is currently focused on:Translational PsychiatryArtificial intelligence application for health dataBioinformaticsMedical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Precision medicineClinical Microbiology


Details on teaching interests, highlights and modules are available for Dr. Sara Morsy as follows:

Teaching interests

Sara has 5 year of teaching experience, Sara developed an accredited curriculum for researchers and clinical communities and taught the following courses:1- Medical Biochemistry2- Molecular Biology3- Bioinformatics4- Biostatistics5- MicrobiologySara is currently developing the curriculum and providing the training for 1- FAIR principles for research and training2- Data Stewardship3- Research data managementHer current role is as a lecturer of anatomy and Physiology where she leads the clinical sciences module on Digital Health and Enterprise and develops the curriculum needed for data analysis and bioinformatics for undergraduates


There are 17 publications involving or that are attributed to Dr. Sara Morsy. They are listed as:

  • conference publication (4)
  • peer reviewed journal (13)

Conference Publication

Dr. Sara Morsy has 4 publication(s) listed under conference publication.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Incidence of Infection-related mortality in cancer patients: Trend and survival analysis. 2019 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 37 Muhammed Khaled Elfaituri, Sara Morsy, Gehad Mohamed Tawfik, Abdelaziz Abdelaal et al.
The role of primary lymph node sites in survival and mortality prediction in DLBCL: A SEER population-based retrospective study 2018 Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting 2018 Proceedings: AACR Annual Meeting 2018 78 Mohamed Gomaa Kamel, Fatma A. Abd-Elhay, Sara Morsy, Amr E. El-Qushayri, Khaled M. Elhusseiny, Muhammed K. Elfaituri, Ahmed M. Kamel, Sherief Ghozy, Nourin A. Sherif and Nguyen Tien Huy
Sara Morsy Efficacy and safety of ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid as a treatment for Huntington’s disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials American Academy of Neurology American Academy of Neurology 90 Sara Morsy, Samar Morsy Khalil, Mohamed Gomaa Kamel et al.
Cardiovascular and thromboembolic diseases as a cause of death in multiple myeloma patients: A population based study AACR annual meeting AACR annual meeting 3 Muhammed Khaled Elfaituri, Sara Morsy, Amr Ehab El-Qushayri, et al.

Peer Reviewed Journal

Dr. Sara Morsy has 13 publication(s) listed under peer reviewed journal.
Title Year Publication name Journal Volume Pages Authors Editors ISSN Publisher DOI Location
Novel nomograms predicting overall and cancer-specific survival of malignant ependymoma patients: a population-based study. 2020 Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences Dibas M;Ghozy S;Morsy S;Salah Abbas A;Alkahtani S;Bin-Jumah M;Abdel-Daim MM; 1827-1855 10.23736/S0390-5616.20.05033-X
The association between dengue viremia kinetics and dengue severity: A systemic review and meta-analysis. 2020 Reviews in Medical Virology 30 Morsy S;Hashan MR;Hieu TH;Mohammed AT;Elawady SS;Ghosh P;Elgendy MA;Le HH;Hamad WMA;Iqtadar S;Dumre SP;Hirayama K;Huy NT; 1099-1654 10.1002/rmv.2121
Progressive cutaneous Cryptococcosis complicated with meningitis in a myasthenia gravis patient on long-term immunosuppressive therapy - a case report. 2017 BMC Infectious Diseases 17 Huong NTC;Altibi AMA;Hoa NM;Tuan LA;Salman S;Morsy S;Lien NTB;Truong NT;Mai NTH;Hoa PTL;Thang NB;Trung VT; 1471-2334 10.1186/s12879-017-2415-8
NCAM protein and SARS-COV-2 surface proteins: In-silico hypothetical evidence for the immunopathogenesis of Guillain-Barré syndrome. 2020 Medical Hypotheses 145 Morsy S; 1532-2777 10.1016/j.mehy.2020.110342
Efficacy of kinesio taping in treatment of shoulder pain and disability: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials. 2020 Physiotherapy 107 Ghozy S;Dung NM;Morra ME;Morsy S;Elsayed GG;Tran L;Minh LHN;Abbas AS;Loc TTH;Hieu TH;Dung TC;Huy NT; 1873-1465 10.1016/
Blood Transfusion and the Risk of Cancer in the US Population: Is There an Association? 2020 Clinical Epidemiology 12 El-Qushayri AE;Ghozy S;Morsy S;Ali F;Islam SMS; 1179-1349 10.2147/CLEP.S271275
Clinical features and outcomes of neonatal dengue at the Children's Hospital 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 2021 Journal of Clinical Virology 138 Nguyen T.M.;Huan V.T.;Reda A.;Morsy S.;Nam Giang H.T.;Tri V.D.;Mau N.K.;Elfaituri M.K.;Hieu T.H.;Hung N.T.;Hirayama K.;Huy N.T. 1386-6532 10.1016/j.jcv.2021.104758
Efficacy of Kinesio Taping Compared to Other Treatment Modalities in Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. 2021 Research In Sports Medicine (Print) Tran L;Makram AM;Makram OM;Elfaituri MK;Morsy S;Ghozy S;Zayan AH;Nam NH;Zaki MMM;Allison EL;Hieu TH;Le Quang L;Hung DT;Huy NT; 1543-8635 10.1080/15438627.2021.1989432
Epitope mimicry analysis of SARS-COV-2 surface proteins and human lung proteins. 2021 Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 105 Morsy S;Morsy A; 1873-4243 10.1016/j.jmgm.2021.107836
Bioenergetic signature as a target of zinc oxide nanoparticles in Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma-bearing mice. 2021 Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 35 Morsy S;Abd-Ellatif RN;Soliman NA;Ibrahim WM; 1099-0461 10.1002/jbt.22647
The epidemiology, staging and outcomes of sarcomatoid hepatocellular carcinoma: A SEER population analysis 2021 In Vivo 35 Giannis D.;Morsy S.;Geropoulos G.;Esagian S.M.;Sioutas G.S.;Moris D. 0258-851X 10.21873/INVIVO.12270
Efficacy of ethyl-EPA as a treatment for Huntington disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2019 Acta Neuropsychiatrica 31 Morsy S;Khalil SM;Doheim MF;Kamel MG;El-Basiony DSM;Ahmed Hassan HI;Eisa AA;Anh Ngoc CT;Dang NP;Hirayama K;Huy NT; 1601-5215 10.1017/neu.2019.11
Hyponatremia in tuberculous meningitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. 2021 Indian Journal of Tuberculosis 68 Hieu TH;Hashan MR;Morsy S;Tawfik GM;Cucè F;Sharma A;Quynh TTH;Faraj HA;Qarawi ATA;Huy NT; 0019-5707 10.1016/j.ijtb.2021.06.004