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Dr. Sohag Kabir

Information about Dr. Sohag Kabir at the University of Bradford.

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Dr Sohag Kabir is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Electronics. He is also a Fellow of the Advance HE (formerly known as Higher Education Academy (HEA)). Currently, he is leading the MSc Big Data Science and Technology, MSc Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and MSc Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence programmes. Dr Sohag earned his PhD in Computer Science and MSc in Embedded Systems from the University of Hull in 2016 and 2012, respectively. He obtained his BSc in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Professionals. Before joining the University of Bradford, he worked as a Research Associate with the Dependable Intelligent Systems (DEIS) Research Group at the University of Hull. Dr Sohag's research focuses on assessing, assuring, and certifying the safety, reliability, and security of autonomous cyber-physical systems. He has collaborated with diverse industries and academics from various disciplines to develop innovative solutions that enhance the safety, security, and reliability of cyber-physical systems. Currently, he is working on two projects, namely "Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing for Baking Industry," which is funded by Innovate UK, and "Operation Technology - Platform as a Service (OT-PaaS)," which is funded by industry. In the past, he has worked on multiple projects related to safety and reliability, such as "Next Gen Drive - Autonomous Robotic Micro Factories," a project funded by Innovate UK, "Model-based Reliability Evaluation for Autonomous Systems with Evolving Architectures," a project funded by the University of Bradford, and "Dependability Engineering Innovation for Cyber-Physical Systems (DEIS)," a project funded by the EU.Sohag is a highly accomplished researcher who has made remarkable contributions to his field of study. With over 70 scientific papers published and a solid track record of presenting at various national and international conferences, he has established himself as a leader in his area of expertise. His name has been included in Stanford University's World's Top 2% Scientists List (2023), which is a testament to his outstanding work. His exceptional research work and publications have earned him the Research Development Fund Publication Prize Award from the University of Bradford, as well as the Research Excellence Award from the University of Hull. More information about Dr Sohag's teaching and research activities can be found on his personal website


Model-based Software and System EngineeringSafety assurance of cyber physical systemDependability analysis of autonomous systems System safety and security analysisProbabilistic safety and reliability analysisBayesian networksFault diagnosisDecision making under uncertaintyInternet of Things


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